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Friday, November 9, 2012

Click to help

Brigette Liberty Yu, or know as Brie is a model/host/blog which I stumbled across in a blog. She is currently voted as one of the Malaysian Hottest Blogger. *woot woot* 
Love her amazing body and crazy long legs which I would die for! 

Here is her blog: http://www.pillowtalkpromises.com/

I believe that most of us have known about school's bullies and someone we know might be a victim of it. All form of bullies such as verbal, physical or even sexual harrassment happens all the times around us without us even noticing it. 

I came across Brigette's blog about this Project Listen, which is a community service project born out of very simple yet powerful act of listening. This project is supported by ChikaPowWow (CPW), Malaysia's Most innovative online auction.

Every click of Brie's 'Surviving Mean Girls' Post = RM1 for PRUkasih 

No kidding! It really help and do good cause to humanity! 

Now you have more reason to surf online! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to a friend

Happy Birthday Terence Tan! 

Although he will not see it here but I have already posted on Facebook to wish him! Just to update my almost rusty blog. 

Decided to make this small gift for him because he had really helped me a lot during my accident. Not that the others did not help, they did as well. Just that he is always there for everyone, without thinking about himself and put others before him. I really appreciate this friend. 

Friends who I have know for years might not be as helpful and considerate as him. So I sincerely wishes him well in everything and all the best in his future undertakings! 

Birthday is already another day for me. I have not anticipating it excitedly as I used to be. Usually my birthday will be on the holiday or study break or exam. That is when people usually busy with their exam preparation. So, what can I expect them to even have the mood to celebrate with me? It is good enough that they even remember it. 

This year due to my leg, a bunch of friends came to my house to celebrate with me. I was too overwhelmed by their presence and cried. Silly me. It better than a gift actually as they come all the way down from bukit jalil. *hugs hugs* other than that, got a handmade photo frame by love which touched me as well. Never thought he will make another gift for me again. Maybe this time he wanna save money again. HAHAHA. 

I can say this year is a quiet and peaceful birthday. No massive celebration, no gift. Maybe it's time for me to realise that Birthday is just another day

Or I'm too pathetic that no one even care about it? O-M-G I hope not.. T.T 

Friday, October 19, 2012







好好的 休息

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Freaking Cold..

Malaysian 365 days full of blazing sunlight, makes me don't feel like going out after all the hardwork of makeup and dressing up. I don't want my hardwork to melt just right after I step out of the door.

Glasgow has the worst weather in the UK according to one of my friend. Now even the sun is shining, you feel the chills going into your bone with your jacket on. I still thought it was summer until my a phD lab mate told me now is already autumn!

Averaging around 6-8 degree. Quite hard to imagine 24 hours staying under an air con room. I used to wish for that some time ago I guess? I wonder which Malaysian never wish that before? 24 hours air con condition! How nice is that right? Especially when we are in bed. ^^

But it is not the case here. When it is too cold, I can't feel my fingers, nose and ears. It makes me have headache sometimes and I can't breathe properly because my nose is very dry and cold. You need to wear so thick when going out and when you reach to the lab or restaurant, you need to take everything off again. I can't imagine during winter time. haha. But I should not be complaining instead be contented to everything I have. hmm..

I guess I will miss the weather here when I got back Malaysia in 2 months time. Hopefully I have the chance to experience the Autumn in the UK.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Life is more than to be felt belong to a certain group..

It is often difficult when you don't feel belong to your circle of friends.
But it is okay..
Life is more than that..
When people do not understand you.
Find those do..
When people started talking behind your back.
Think whether are they worth befriend with.
When people started alienate you.
Try to go your own way.
Not everything need to be done together.

I such weirdo huh?
Talking about this.
I used to be afraid of being left out in a group.
these few days..
I actually enjoyed travel alone.
You will find that you actually can step out of the shell and learn more things
I did..
I talked to a lot of different people, from different races, different religion..
You can actually gain some insight by talking to people.
No need to be a productive conversation or topic.
Not necessary to be smart to do that.

I always believe that angels are around us.
Do not be afraid when you are alone.
Try to be positive.
Try to look around.
Try to appreciate things around you.
Try to fix beautiful sight into your memory.

I did
And I started to find the world is such a beautiful and amazing place.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where the Road Goes..

The title is copyrighted by a photographer. 
It is a really nice phrase to me. 
I used to be a person who plan what I want to be, what I want to do and how I want my life to be. 
But sometimes, thing do not always go the way you want. 
It might also turn out worst than you thought. 
It happened to me, few times in my 23 years of life. 
At time, you really feel like giving up and losing faith in everything you do. 
I dont have a strong religious belief and this make me even harder to accept the challenges given. 

Fortunately, with the adequate number of years of education that I had. I'm able to think rationally and go through the distance. 
Hence, here I am today. Though not consider successful but has life quarter of life almost to the fullest. At least I have no regret. 

I have learned to not to be too adamant about certain things and try to let go. Why do you even want to make yourself frowned with something that doesn't make a big deal in life? If it is not a matter of life and death then it is not a big deal or issue to me now. 

When you feel like doing something and the group of people oppose to your opinion. The old me will follow unwillingly but act to enjoy myself very much. That does not mean you have friends, but you force to be happy. End up, there is actually none of the friends who really understand your needs. The new me will just go the way I want, go new places, meet new friends, meet new people. Why enclosed yourself to a circle of people where you can actually know the whole world? Who knows you might found the circle of friends who know your needs and have the same interest as you? 

Where the road goes. 
And where it will take me. 
I shall go along the path and live my life from it. 

Life give you lemon so make lemonade. 
Don't complain that the lemon is sour and you might up starved to death. 
And I tweeted about how pissed about people who complains a lot. 
Yes I really am. 
I will not tell them off but will just keep quiet. 
Instead of complaining, think of what you have actually done to overcome the problem. 
Or why dont you think of a solution before the problem occur? 
I do not know what are they thinking but all I wanted is to get as far away from them when they are complaining. 
They spread all the negative energy and atmosphere which is very bad for me. 
I prefer to stay with positive mind and people if not alone. 
Then I can have a peace of mind without those non-stop blabbering shit. 

The photos are taken by Mei Fern Chong, a young inspiring blooming creative photographer, ready to join in the photography world. She explained her concept to me patiently and is really friendly to me although we just talked through online. The shooting day, we got to know each other and even though I'm no professional model, she tell me how to pose and cooperate with me quite well. I really feel very comfortable working with her and she is like a friend to me. Maybe because we are the same age and stay quite near to each other? Somehow I felt lucky to have photoshoot with her. The photos came out so dreamy and lovely. Make me look so lovely too! haha (that's the most important to girls right? haha to look pretty!) and photographer plays an important role! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Days of waiting

Dripping drops by drops..
When the vial is full I will change another one and fill it up again.
Now Is the 26th vial..
I saw another phD student still collecting after the 138th vial..
No wonder they need 3 years to do their phD.
After the vials are collected, they will be let to dried in a fumehood.
And will run TLC the next morning when everything is dried up.
The Tedious part is waiting for the filtrate to drip drop by drop.

Hope days of waiting will come to an end and something will appear on my spectrum.